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Nowoś is a portal that connects publishers with readers. Its part is a system that automatically alerts the reader about new books and promotions according to his interests and preferences.

Thanks to us the publisher will reach every book published to the interested recipient, and the reader will not miss the books of interest and promotions related to them. NW is also a way to broadly promote smaller publishers that will have equal opportunities to reach their readers with interested readers.

At NW, the reader can define what content he / she wants to receive from publishers. Everything is done automatically, without having to constantly search for up-to-date information. We solve the problem of badly advertised ads, ineffective newsletters, unprofitable promotions. From the publisher's point of view, we also solve the problem of unsold books that have already been released and for various reasons have not reached the interested readers. Of course we focus on publishing novelties, but at the same time we give the publisher a tool to inform readers about books that have been released before.


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