NURSEUM Medical Scheduler facilitating the daily work of nurses, midwives and physiotherapists.

NURSEUM Medical Scheduler is a simple tool intended to facilitate the daily work of nurses, midwives and physiotherapists that can be used on any device (BYOD), at any time and in any location.

Most problematic for nurses, midwives and physiotherapists is to manage a huge number of tasks and piles of information related to professional work.

A classic notebook is not enough, while commercially available electronic or software “organisers” are not tailored to the specific character of nursing job. So we came up with NURSEUM Medical Scheduler, an easy- to-use tool to facilitate the organisation of the work of nurses, midwives and physiotherapists, which you can use on computers, tablets and smartphones, at any time and in any location.

With the NURSEUM Medical Scheduler, users will be able to:
- intuitively manage their own database of patients,
- freely plan and arrange a visit to the patient,
- take advantage of reliable and unique expert knowledge any time they need it,
- easily educate patients during the visit,
- quickly provide post-visit medical recommendations to the patient,
- simply generate reports for statistics and billing the time worked.


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