Show your real face

Onee is a mobile social networking application. It is a completely new and innovative way of presenting Yourself in the virtual world.
The mission of Onee is to change a way of thinking.
We bet on authenticity, being natural and spontaneous – these are the main goals of our application.

How does it work?

The users have a one an only chance to take a picture, which we call “Onee”. After the picture is taken it immediately becomes publicly available. It cannot be deleted, it cannot be stopped in any way.

You Onee cannot be retouched, adorned, you cannot use any filters.
You can add a description, one hashtag and one emoticon.

In the application everything revolves around “1”, so you can take one Onee, once every hour and you can remove it after one hour.
Users may like, comment and share the picture. Another form of entertainment within the application are rankings.

What problems do we solve?

Onee is a response to unnatural images published on popular social media sites, which often have very little to do with reality.
Those pictures are usually taken in several attempts, where the author chooses the best one, uses a filter, retouches the picture and gives a #nofilter, #natural etc. hashtag in the description. We want to promote having fund and being spontaneous and strike fakes and excessive retouch.


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