Origintag is a global Smart Packaging System, that is based on the NFC/RFiD technology and a mobile application.

Using the Smart Packaging System™, the producers of wine&spirits, electronics, medicines, cosmetics or fast moving consumer goods, can make everyday use products "smart", which allows to secure them against counterfeiting, track them in the entire chain of distribution, communicate directly with the end consumer or build product-based loyalty programmes.

Our flagship product is the Smart Packaging System™ – a unique solution that combines securing products with a number of additional functionalities that allow for cooperation between clients and producers.
Smart Packaging System™ is most of all:
– securing the products against counterfeiting
– personalised marketing campaigns
– tracking the flow of every single product
– 2-way communication between a producer and a consumer
– loyalty programes
– additional functions individual for a specific client

We offer all of the above in the form of ready to use labels

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