Papukurier - Delivery as a Service. On-demand deliveries based on urban logistics infrastructure.

Papukurier is a technological company developing a highly efficient cutting edge urban logistics infrastructure. It has been present on the market for over a year and so far managed to complete over ten thousand deliveries, supporting over 100 restaurants in Poznań, Warsaw and Łódź. The company offers a unique hybrid system composing of both IT and logistics infrastructure. It enables companies operating in the food delivery sector and e commerce to deliver their products by means of on demand delivery service.

The business of Papukurier may be divided into three segments:

Delivery Management Platform ( – aimed at corporate users, such as restaurants, to order a mobile waiter. An innovative system for managing on-demand deliveries where all requests are processed and fully monitored from the moment of placement until successful fulfillment. The system comprises an online app for managing deliveries and couriers and an Android app used by couriers.

Urban logistics infrastructure completing on-demand deliveries – A network of couriers completing deliveries thought the city, managed by an algorithm which optimises deliveries taking into account the traffic data in real time, current events in the city, weather and other conditions affecting the demand for deliveries, which will be constantly improved by means of machine learning algorithm.

ProDelivery - solutions and services dedicated for network restaurants empowering local deliveries and faciliatinng multichannel order processing.


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