Messaging app for physical disabled, seniors and children’s. It greatly facilitates typing, and offers an easy way of learning languages.

You don't have to move your fingers as fast as light to write text messages on your mobile device easier and faster. Moreover, you can refresh or start learning new languages while messaging / texting and be sure: we encrypt our messages.

PROBLEM - Instant messaging applications are difficult to use for the physical disabled and the elderly. The problematic aspect is typing, because:

- due to weaker muscles hands are more susceptible to fatigue,
- contractures, pareses, spasticity, Parkinson’s disease, or increased muscle tension make it difficult to select letters and use correct punctuation,
- hand tremors obstruct hitting the right keys on the keyboard and selecting diacritic characters,
- in the case of some diseases, the user is able to type only using a single finger or a stylus that they hold in their hand or in their mouth,
- issues with articulation and breathing or privacy-related problems obstruct using speech-to-text functions,

SOLUTION - When the ParrotOne app is used:
- the user’s hands are less prone to fatigue, as the they mostly choose pre-formed phrases and words in the screen, and the scope of tiresome typing is restricted in favour of easy selection,
- when selecting items with a finger, it’s easier to hit a word or phrase on the screen than individual keys on a keyboard,
- choosing predictive text suggestions rules out making typing errors and eliminates the irksome process of selecting diacritic marks and punctuation characters, because the app inputs them for the users,
- spaces, full stops, and capitals at the beginning of the sentence are inputted automatically, depending on the user’s actions.
- an integrated translation engine allows to translate the text predictions into other languages in a single click (without errors) and form correct sentences,
- the user is able to type over longer periods and also more quickly, because the same message can be sent with fewer clicks as compared with currently available solutions,
- you can use full screen surface for easy typing, not only keyboard,
- with ParrotOne, approx. 40-60% fewer clicks are required to input a typical sentence,
- the app includes encryption, is ad-free, doesn’t require (or collect) any personal data, and doesn’t spy on the user,
- it's compatible with external keyboard apps (there is an option to use them with the app), and is able to connect with the FB Messenger app, as well as send regular SMS messages.


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