PickPack is a trusted community marketplace that connects drivers with empty space in a vehicle with senders looking for a courier.

PickPack is a trusted community marketplace that connects drivers with empty space in a vehicle with senders looking for a courier. We change the way of delivering parcels, we change the rules of the market by introducing the idea of sharing.
As a company we address several problems of customers and we provide solutions to each of them. With pickpack the customer can send packages in a cheap and time-saving way, while benefitting from the priority in our company - safety of payments and transport.
We believe that our project can fulfill logistics needs that are not sufficiently addressd by regular courier companies. PickPack has a chance to fulfil niches that cannot be fulfilled by market leaders due to bureaucracy such as: international parcels, oversized parcels, irregular parcels, animals, fragile parcels, same-day delivery (between-city model and inside-city on-demand model in Warsaw and Polwysep Helski).
We address the other side of the value chain as well. The couriers can earn money by reducing costs of travel. What distinguishes us from others is the original form of payment called Secure Payment. It is based on Escrow and enables the sender to pay at the very beginning of a transaction but the money is transferred into the courier’s account only when the parcel is delivered to the receiver. It directly secures payment but indirectly requires both sides of a transaction to give all the financial information what makes every user fully verified at the very end.



12 July 2017 at 21:07

Kto sprawdza czy przesyłka jest bezpieczna i legalna ? Jak ? Pierwsze pytanie i pierwsza bariera jaka pojawiła sie w mojej głowie. To jest jak blablacar w przesyłkach, tak ? Pozdrawiam.

Your question has been sent. We are waiting for an answer.

12 July 2017

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