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PilkaNaHali.pl connecting people and gym on that way, that you can play voleyball, football, basketball etc. any time, with already 5000 people from Warsaw, and more and more every day! About 200 games and new people around 28 - 30 years old every month!

PilkaNaHali.pl is nearly a 4-year project in which the key objective is to eliminate all problems associated with the lack of gyms and partners to practice team sports. There is no other company that operates on such a large scale - organizing about 200 games for amateurs per month (mainly in Warsaw)! We hired several dozens of sports facilities throughout the city, starting with training in a way that everyone can regularly sign up for their favorite discipline. Today, the number of players has exceeded to 4,500, and the average age is 30 years old. People thank us for contributing to the development of Polish sport. People who play with us are professors and directors of banks (an interview about our company with one of them http://bit.ly/1eFTSAC), but also students. Slowly we are developing in Gdansk, Gdynia, Cracow and Poznan. Our most popular sports are volleyball, football and basketball.


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