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There is more and more talk about the phenomenon of market uberization, ie the use of different platforms connecting customers directly with service providers, which facilitate, speed up and simplify the purchase process. Perhaps it is in Poland that another "Uber" is created, that is the order in the house, cleaned and developed not only in the country.

The system is very simple. You enter the portal posprzatajmi.pl, you provide some necessary information such as: your city, district, area of the apartment or office to be cleaned and the time you are interested in completing the order. It only takes a moment. The service will then show you who and for what amount can execute your order. Now it is enough to send an order and the portal will respond to all the cleaners in your city who are working on that day. Later, you will have to wait for confirmation of acceptance of the order, and on the day of service make the place available and make payment on site after the service. It is also worth to rate the cleaning person. True, that simple?


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