Princity reduces printing costs up to 40 %

What does Princity do?
- reduces costs by 40% thanks to smart supply order management,
- helps to settle a number of printed pages and printing costs,
- automatically detects failures and identifies their type,
- determines whether a specialized service should be called to fix the problem with the device unit, settlement module of the services enables estimating in advance the time and cost of fixing the problem.

How does it help me?
- Princity gives you insight into your printing habits, needs, and wastes.
- Helps you reduce your long-term printing costs with useful recommendations how to improve your print environment based on collected data.
- It keeps your printers up and running by handling supplies orders for you so you wouldn't forget.
- Helps managed print service providers to service client network and settle outlay based on various accounting models.
- Deliver toners
- To sum up - We make your print environment cheaper and more reliable.

In our application, we've solved one of the main problems related to controlling print costs: managing supplies. Thanks to an algorithm analyzing the level of supplies and the history of their usage, we can generate an order only when it is actually needed. The application provides delivery labeling mechanisms, thanks to which the delivery is addressed directly to the person dealing with the printer. Princity allows tracking the full process of handling the supplies from the moment of shipment to the replacement, at the same time providing consumption charts and detailed data as to the printed pages.
An integrated store allows users to purchase supplies directly through the application.

Appraising prints is especially useful for companies which offer MPS services. The application helps to account the number of printed pages and their cost. An advanced model for configuring prices allows contractors to reflect the business conditions of the contracts.


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