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Sales on the Web easy as never! Bot, Messenger, sales, social media, e-commerce, chatbot

My Social Seller (MSS) makes possible selling directly by social media without creating online shops and also record data by the Facebook Messanegr bot to prepare personalized offer.

(B2C) Many of people who want to sell products by Internet, don’t know how to create and promote their websites or even don’t have any, because it is too difficult for them. On the other hand they have profiles on Facebook and uses Messenger.
(B2B) If the employee has to create a personalized offer. he has got to ask many question which may be annoying for potential customer.

(B2C) Due to MSS You don’t have to create Your online shop or even a website. After only a few question and sending a photo You have Your own offer which is shown on our fanpage, seller fanpage and on the appropriate sellers group (eventually on other social media). From now on You can sell Your products, items, services.

(B2B) MSS record data by bot and send It to the seller to create a personalized offer or create it itself.


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