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Publico24 is a new business model for issuing digital press

The platform supports all operating systems. Your release will read you your iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone, Kindle and any other mobile device. Thanks used by Publico24 HTML5 content of your publications match the device on which it is viewed. Your client will experience a new quality by keeping all the functionality of mobile devices - click-throughs, hyperlink or zooming.
Publico24 a transparent system of fees in the subscription system. You do not have to worry about the costs associated with IT infrastructure. Publico24 takes care of everything. The costs of cloud computing are included in the service. Publico24 will take care of the appropriate server or network drive. Publico24 platform by simplifying the process of composition and publication of mobile.
Using Publico24 earn money from digital editions without intermediaries. Lower your costs. Pay only once.


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