So many Poles, so many selectors

We are a start-up that wants to revolutionize the world of football. Our goal is to connect the real world to the virtual world by interfering players with the real team.

We care about solving the problem of being unable to influence people who love sport and above all football for the fate of their favorite team. We give them this solution - without buying shares or participating in a team. Users can participate in all sorts of ballot entries or set-ups in the next match, as well as club budget management and transfers. All this will be able to do with your mobile phone and computer. In addition, each match, each training will be broadcast in HD and 360 degrees, so the managers of the team will have insight as training players and how to play matches.
The application will have a well-developed base of players. Each user will be able to get to know each player in detail, with detailed statistics. The competitor will also have an assigned position on which he / she can be set. We also offer a number of mini-games that will surely make you spend time in your virtual manager's office, which will be expanded by the player himself. The entire application we build from the proverbial zero, adding to it the latest possible technological and application solutions, among others. We will work on VR and AR technology.

On the global mobile app market there is a huge demand for football managers. On the other hand, our application is distinguished by the fact that we combine a real football team with an application through which players will be able to choose formations, composition and influence club development and club budget management through voting. Everything will be broadcast in HD and 360 live games and training. Currently we have two teams in Poland and Germany and we are trying to win more in the next countries. We do not have competition in terms of our innovative product - both in foreign markets and in Poland. Ordinary football managers are based on fancy teams or real players, but the player does not interfere with it in the real world as well as watch live matches in the app. "So many Poles, so many selectors" so we can define the market we want to hit and with our application we are able to shine on the world markets.


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