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REDS SA is an innovative start-up created to develop Eco Driving system which supports railway operators in achieving higher energy efficiency and lower energy consumption through implementing eco-driving techniques for drivers. Currently REDS is developing a new Eco Learning solution which supports driver training using Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

REDS is an innovative company which supports energy efficiency initiatives at railway operators. The main goal of its creation was to develop an implement an IT system which supports train drivers in energy efficien train operation through ride monitoring, incentive systems and gamification.
Achieving energy savings is possible only when the operator can manage train driver energy consumption which is related to driving techniques. Statistics from Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways) show differences between rides on the same routes with the same vehicles in the same weather conditions of up to 30%. Implementing the Eco Driving system can enable the operator to save ca. 10% on energy spending by improving driving techniques of train drivers. Modern gamification-based systems influence driver motivation and help achieve new efficiency goals.
Currently REDS is developing a new product (Eco Learning) based on using innovative VR technology to perfect energy efficient driving techniques. Eco Learning will be used in training centers for train drivers but it can also prove useful for technical universities and railway schools.


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