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ResearchDirect is the first, global platform (mobile and desktop app), dedicated to promote research organisations, gathering all of the significant research organisations from all over the world (research institutes, research centers, universities, laboratories etc.). It’s main function is to deliver to the research organisations an effective marketing tool, at the same time supporting business-to-science communication (including investment processes). It will gather a big sets of data regarding research and innovation from all over the world (Big Data analysis).

There is more than 8 200 research institutes and 32 000 universities worldwide. Their presence and visibility in the Internet, currently the main communication channel, is in most cases indiscernible. It applies especially to the research institutes which do not possess appropriate promotion tools to ensure their proper position in both economy and research reality. Most of these entities remain anonymous to the wide public – webpage (often obsolete and unattractive) does not ensure appropriate promotion and is not an effective communication channel with the interested parties.

At the same time research organizations almost don’t exist when it comes to mobile platforms which becomes a challenge in a contemporary world with most of the people accessing Internet via mobile apps.

The main goal of ResearchDirect project is to gather the majority of research organizations within an online guide – Research Organizations Guide feature, allowing appropriate visibility and promotion in the Internet (especially on mobile devices) and at the same time providing them with an effective communication channel with business, international organizations, investors and other interested parties.

An important added-value is brought by 5 other functionalities which have the potential to become a stand-alone applications because of their complexity (Agora, Confrences&Events, News&Highlights, Direct Match and Jobs&Careers).

ResearchDirect as an interactive guide to research organizations, well-designed both from graphic and functional point of view, equipped with an appropriate matching algorithms (Hybrid Matching Algorithms), available in every smartphone, tablet and personal computer is intended to solve the problem of lack of appropriate presence of research entities in cyberspace.

ResearchDirect overview
- The first online, Internet guide to research organizations from all over the world, dedicated to both mobile devices and personal computers, allowing research organizations promotion.
- Assembling all of the significant research organizations within a single platform.
- Traditional guide transformed into a mobile platform (application), widely accessible for any Internet or mobile user (supported by desktop application for PCs, free for the end-user, available in app stores).
- Containing organization’s interactive profile – a guidebook that can be developed and transformed on a daily basis to attract influential stakeholders, including business partners and investors.
- A single place to which all the interested parties will relate as the most informative and credible source of knowledge about scientific organizations and their research capabilities.
- Free of charge for each Internet user, enabling them to access organization’s profile easily and quickly from any place in the world and to learn about its strengths, capabilities, achievements and initiatives.
- Research Organizations Guide allows sharing all of the important information with a wide audience – depending only on what an organization wants to communicate, without resorting to ineffective search engines.
- Promoting research infrastructure, achievements, research areas and activities, international cooperation matters, as well as human potential.
- Equipped with a group of research-oriented functionalities such as: Agora, Confrences&Events, News&Highlights, Direct Match and Jobs&Careers
- An innovative matching system based on a unique Hybrid Matching Algorithms .
- An innovative Big Data analysis algorithms, allowing to build global research landscape for different sectors.


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