Revolvent S.A.


Original Polish ventilation technology distinguishes itself among other by highest heat recovery and filtration efficiency of polluted air.

Startup company Revolvent SA runs two projects:

1) Original Polish ventilation technology distinguishes itself among other by highest heat recovery and filtration efficiency of polluted air. Smog, vehicle exhaust, organic pathogens as molds and fungi have a negative impact on human health. The ventilation system developed by Revolvent eliminates these threats due to its unique features.
The Company completed R&D at the 6 TRL and is searching for an investor to commercialize this technology.

2) The project of ORC micro power station fueled by low-temperature waste heat (TRL 3). The company is looking for an investor who wants to support the R&D project POIR.01.01.01-00-0733/16, already granted by the polish state.

Decentralized ventilation units - the Pivent technology developed by Revolvent S.A.
The key competitive advantages, of Pivent technology in compare to other ventilation equipment, are:
- heat recovery with highest efficiency up to 95%
- no risk of heat exchanger freezing (common problem with all the available heat recovery units on the market)
- effective air filtration provides protection against smog and pollution,
- simple construction of the device limiting the number of failures,
- no troublesome air ducts,
- silent operation,
- easy control with mobile devices,
- easy integration with other systems of intelligent buildings.

Advantages of Revolvent technology, compared to existing solutions:
- lower costs already in the design phase,
- reduced installation time,
- lower investment and operating costs.

Micro ORC power genrator fueled by low-temperature waste heat.
This research and development project is aimed at developing disruptive design of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) unit, enabling the recovery of waste heat from various sources (heating systems, internal combustion engines, power generators).

The innovative device will be characterized by:
- approx. 70% of higer net efficiency,
- versatility and significantly lower space required for instalation,
- lower investment costs.
Currently we confirmed analytically and experimentally the concept of critical functions and technology, so technology is located on the third level of TRL. Preparations began for technology validation in laboratory conditions.


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