Wind Turbine Blades

Rotoby Sp. z o.o. is a young startup company, launched with the purpose of design and production of wind turbine blades based on two patents registered by its founders. We started with one basic, very simple concept: to create innovative blades for wind turbines. The innovations constitute in using high-tech thermoplastic materials and a simplified production process, both of which serve to solve many of the problems plaguing the blades on the market today.

Our simplified process has resulted in a product which is superior to others in all aspects. We are visionaries who, by streamlining the production process, aim to significantly lower the price of wind power generation to make it even more affordable all over the world, with easy access for us all. Our mission is to apply more than 20 years of experience in the thermoplastic material molding technology in the renewable energy sector. In this regard, we have three novel projects for a variety of products, which will meet the needs of the entire market of power generated by wind turbines. We believe that the wind is the future of clean energy - the future of our planet.


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