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Augmented Reality (AR), rzeczywistość rozszerzona

Runvido is a comprehensive mobile application that allows pictures talk. How? The user records a short video. One of the frames of that video may but doesn’t need to be a photo which will become a data receiver. When you approach a smartphone to the picture, Runvido app will read the previously saved video. All the activities mentioned above, including the video recording are being carried out by and within the same app - Runvido. The solution is explained here:

Runvido is now ready in beta version (for Android), currently in the testing phase. Its launch is scheduled for August 2017. In the next steps, we plan to prepare application for iOs, as well as work on improving its functionality and developing a managing tool that will allow the mass-scale users to administer their own content.
Runvido app can facilitate the information flow and thus be adapted in a broad range of areas:
- Marketing and advertising – eg. large corporation instead of the usual packaging for their product creates interactive packaging - Customer or User while approaching the phone to the packaging (pictures, pictograms, etc.) learns more about the product, its use, maintenance methods, etc.; Billboard at the bus stop starts talking "encouraging" to watch a movie at the cinema ...
- Information – eg. the passenger of the city transport, after applying the telephone to the carrier's logo, will get information about ticket prices, promotions, traffic restrictions, etc .; a patient in a private clinic will be able to see a film about contraindications for a particular surgery; the cleaning company employee will watch the instructions of the device operation when the phone is approached to the encoded photo / logo / pictogram,
- Culture and art - the painting in the museum begins to tell the story,
- Media - a photo of a match in the newspaper can be read by the Runvido application, showing the game shortcut
- Lifestyle / leisure - Users can "assign" a vacation movie to any photo so as to keep their memories.


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