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Sales Re-invented

Salesbook is a new generation Sales Acceleration tool, that goes beyond the classic Power Point presentation and a traditional CRM system. Salesbook is dedicated to consultative selling. It is an excellent tool for sales and presentation for mobile sales teams, whose task is to meet with customers directly, present, configure and sell products. In any industry that requires the presentation of products or services in a direct dialogue with the client, tablet-based Salesbook improves comfort and efficiency of the seller.

Using Salesbook, salespeople present the client the company and the product or service on the tablet in an attractive, engaging way, plan further sales steps and finalize the sale or send a summary presentation directly to the email of the client even during the meeting. At the same time during the presentation/configuration, the system automatically updates customer data in CRM and reports to supervisors on the performance of the sales team. The system also provides monitoring and communication with the sales team using the application.

More than 100 000 salespeople use Salesbook both in Poland and Globally in various industries, among others, insurance, information technology, investment funds and automotive.