Accurate and easy to use tests for quick diagnostics

SensDx operates in the telemedicine sector.

The company creates and develops diagnostic testing technologies intended for people and animals, allowing users to accurately identify specific diseases at home.

Our mission is to revolutionise global telemedicine by offering accurate, fast and easy to use tests for detecting specific types of illnesses. We provide precise test results and diagnostic support, which allows us to generate added value for doctors and patients.
The innovative solution combines a simple tool based on a fast, ultra-sensitive diagnostic test with a mobile application for easy result interpretation.
The test technology developed by SensDx facilitates quick identification of specific diseases and allows the user to:

- obtain precise information about the type of a developing condition
- establish a precise diagnosis
- commence the right therapy

SensDx tests offer convenience, time and money savings and privacy.

SensDx develops technology based on ultrasensitive electrodes modified with biological particles. The particles found on the surface of the electrode are carefully selected with the use of biotechnological methods. This enables us to clearly identify the bacterium or virus causing an infection or to determine the protein marker. The results of the analysis can be read at any place or time – on the mobile phone, through an easily available and intuitive application. Our technology facilitates pathogen detection at a very early stage of infection, which allows for a fast response of the physician, selection of the right treatment and avoiding the use of antibiotics if a viral infection is detected. Moreover, with our technology it is also possible to detect oncological, DNA and RNA markers.

How does test work?

1 Unpack the test and place the electrode in the device
2 Use the swab and place it in a special buffer with the solution.
3 Transfer the solution from the buffer to the electrode
4 Wait 3 minutes
5 Check the result on the screen of your mobile device or using the free app for laptops and desktops
6 If the result indicates an infection, consult with your physician

SensDX comprises of an interdisciplinary team of experts specialising in biotechnological, chemical, electrochemical and electronic sciences, IT, production automation and business, including IP protection, technology commercialisation, sales and marketing. We work in line with modern management methods, high quality standards and safety regulations.

The dynamic growth of SensDx has been facilitated by funds obtained through a wide range of subsidies. While evaluating the SensDx applications, experts appreciated not only the technology, which will have a wide range of applications in telemedicine and diagnostics, but also the innovative functionality, huge commercialisation potential and business model, implemented consistently by SensDx.