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innovative fuzzy logic controllers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles steering and stablizing

Sky Tronic plans to be a first company in the world to launch the innovative fuzzy logic controllers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or drones) steering and stablizing. The navigation system is based on the artificial intelligence rules of Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC), working very similar to human brain. Our innovative fuzzy logic control systems can replace the classic control system based on proportional integral derivatives (PID) by improving the safety and stability of the flights as well as steering control of UAV in precise flying missions, because our controller is more resistant to difficult weather and terrain conditions and the properties of UAV (for example strong gust of wind, lowering the first aid kid etc).
Our fuzzy logic controller system indicates faster return to flight specifications necessary for stable and smooth flight.
The inventors of the fuzzy logic control algorithms from Wrocław University of Technology, who are also founders and main shareholders of Sky Tronic state that the technology has a big potential for many applications in civilian and miliary applications for different types of UAVs, especially unmanned aircrafts for public-safety and life rescue operations as well as thermovision inspection of buildings.

Sky Tronic is a young advanced technologies and “spin-off” company established by researchers of Wrocław University of Technology, graduates of Wrocław University of Economics and the Institute of Technology Transfer – the company managing the intelectual property of Wrocław University of Technology. The company specializes in designing and producing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or drones) based on the innovative fuzzy logic controller systems for UAV steering and stabilizing for civilian and military applications. The technology is protected with license of Wrocław University of Technology. Our navigation systems should improve the safety and stability of UAV flights in difficult weather and terrain conditions.

1. Inventors
The original fuzzy logic algorithms were developed as a result of 10 years of research and develpment of two researchers of Wrocław University of Technology: Bogusław Szlachetko, PhD and Michał Lower, PhD.

2. Technology
New fuzzy logic controllers can mark breakthrough in steering, navigation and universality for different types of UAVs in precise flying missions, like unmanned helicopters and other quadrocopters, because of its capabilities of more stable and precise flight as well as the resistance to difficult weather and terrain conditions and the properties of UAV (for example strong gust of wind, lowering the first aid etc). Our navigation system indicates faster return to flight specifications necessary for stable and smooth flight. Fuzzy logic controllers developed by Sky Tronic has no direct competition on the global UAV market.

3. Target
- Initial merket research indicated that our remotely piloted helicopters (Rescue Drones FLC) will be dedicated to more efficient coordination of public-safety and life rescue operations of mountain and water rescue agencies, police, fire department, border control and forest services. The products can also be used for the inspection and monitoring of organized ski runs, ski resorts and mountain cable cars as well as the surveillance of the areas threatened by natural disasters. Our UAV solutions are intended to make search and rescue missions a lot quicker and cheaper than existing helicopters. The systems are capable of finding the lost, injured and snow avalanche victims faster. Sky Tronic and Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Group in Karkonosze (Grupa Karkonoska GOPR) signed a Letter of Intent to collaborate on the application of unmanned helicopter in mountain search and rescue (SAR). The novel helicopter wil be designed for the specific needs of mountain rescue team and tested in life rescue and search mission in the mountains and then implemented in the structures of GOPR.
- The ThermoCopters FLC developed by Sky Tronic should provide aerial thermography, professional thermovision audit of high construction works, on-going monitoring of critical infrastructure like electrical grids, gas installations, pipelines, railways, power grids, rail or road bridges.
The possibilities of applications of our steering controllers are limitless for different types of UAVs everywhere the high steering efficiency and stability of unmanned aircrafts in precise flying missions is needed in difficult weather and terrain conditions (for example in the mountains).
The potential of global UAV market is estimated at 130 billion $, growing 150% per year,
Polish UAV market is worth 201 million PLN, growing 30% per year,

3. Stages of the commercialization process
The full commercial rollout and development of prototypes of unmanned aircrafts for various industry applications should cost 15 million of PLN and should last 3 years.
- We plan to raise 1,5-2 million PLN in the first round of financing for venture capital fund or business angel to fund the research and development of ThermoCopters FLC for aerial thermography services and thermovision audit, Polish Civil Aviation Authority marketing clearance process as well as production, sales and marketing activities. The first prototypes of ThermoCopters should be ready in 4-6 months. We plan to start a production and launch of ThermoCopters before the end of 2017 on Polish market and next receive the approval to market the aircraft on the international markets in European Union and USA.
- The second stage of the commercialization includes the development, production and launch of Rescue Drones FLC, unmanned aerial aircrafts for public safety and life rescue missions. The product will be introduced on the Polish, European Union (especially in Alps) and US market after 3 years of implementation of the research project co-financed from European Union and National Research and Development (INNOSBZ or „Fast Track” programme). The possible amount of grant funding: 10 million PLN.
- The third stage of commercial rollout (in 2019/2020) will be funded from the capital raised in the amount of 3 million of PLN from NewConnect market investors in order to accelerate sales and marketing activities related to the international launch of Rescue Drones FLC as well as the Aviation Administration marketing clearance process in USA and UE and the devopment of unmanned aerial vehicles for military applications.


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