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Your Guide to the World of Slacklining

The is a project dedicated to the global slacklining community. It's a hybrid of a guide (with slacklining spots, areas and events), a social media app where slackliner can share their achievements, and a communication tool for arranging group walks.

The main strengths of SlackMap are: dynamic growth of user base (600 users form 67 countries, and 2,500 places added in three months without marketing), possitive feedback from houndreds of users, clear business model, and unlimited possibilities of future growth

Slacklining is a great adventure, recreation and also a competitive sport. It refers to the use of webbing tensioned between two anchor points to balance and walk. Slacklining resembles tightrope walking, but is much easier to learn and when mastered opens much more possibilities.

Whenever you rigged a slackline, walked it or just saw an interesting opportunity, you can mark it on SlackMap. Just use your mobile device location or search for the place on your desktop to draw it.

SlackMap is an open data project, just like Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap. Publishing your user content you agree to license it under: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). You are still the owner of your content, however you let the others share it, provided they give you all the attribution necessary under this licence.

Whenever you travel to a new destination, you can easily see if there are any interesting Line Spots or Slack Arenas in the neighbourhood. Plan your trip and get in touch with the slackliners.

Our ambition is to build a real-time platform for the slackliners, giving you all the information on the slacklining spots, areas, facilities, events everywhere. We want SlackMap to become a useful to hangout with other people from slacklining community.

It’s built by Piotr Blaszczak, with the help of the enthusiasts from the SlackMap Labratory group on Facebook. Piotr is a software developer and a slackliner from Poland. He’s a coorganizer of Urban Highline Festival, that takes place each year in Lublin, Poland.

The app is free. SlackMap is looking for revenue streams from partnerships with equipment retailers (the users share the information on the equipment used when rigging and walking a spot). This business model has been confirmed when owners of several online stores approached SlackMap for opportunities of cooperation.

The SlackMap team is also working on a paid version of the app working offline, very useful for slackliners travelling abroad.

The SlackMap team wants to use the experience and software build for the slacklining community to develop further products dedicated to other reacreational offroad sports.


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