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The Smart Nanotechnologies Company belongs to the Alwernia Invest Capital Group operating on the Polish and foreign markets. The main field of activity of SNT Company are research and production of specialized chemical products with unique properties. We are inspired by nanotechnology which, by producing specific structures in nanometric size, represents a huge potential for many industries.

Smart Nanotechnologies specializes in creating solutions that enable the use of silver and copper nanoparticles in many industrial sectors. Our products are created by qualified specialists. The main goal of the company is to produce high quality products with bactericidal and fungicidal properties. We want to reduce the amount of antibiotics currently used by distributing our products. Abuse of antibiotics in the treatment and their use in feed additives results in a significant increase in their concentration in the environment. The effect of this situation are a stimulate the growth of bacteria and stimulate the exchange of genetic material resulting in an increase in their resistance.
Our Silveco products are used in the agrochemical industry, they contain silver nanocomplexes that cause the blockage of many life functions of microorganisms and their denaturation. Silver nanoparticles compared to antibiotics are safe and non-toxic, they do not accumulate in the body. Silver nanocomplexes destroy pathogens and their new mutations, which antibiotics can not.
We have advanced technical equipment such as plasma reactor, electrolyzer or scanning microscope so that we can develop innovative process and product technologies. We also provide contract research and technical consulting services, we ensure an optimal selection of product technology as well as their physicochemical parameters.We also provide contract research and technical consulting services for external companies
Faced with the problems of the Polish economy: rising raw materials, too much energy consumption, foreign expansion, EU regulations, etc. SNT's activities are facing them.
In 2015, we have become a full member of the Silesian Cluster Nano which is an organization that supports the development of enterprises in the field of nanotechnology to increase the potential for our R&D department.


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