You are the best cook around, but you don't know it yet!

Smartcook allows you to cook any meal on your own. It is an intelligent device that will introduce a new standard to the lives and kitchens of people around the world. Smartcook include an interactive handbook that automatically selects the pace of work to the user, leading the user step by step.

Finding a recipe allowing us to cook a meal is very burdensome due to the lack of time, knowledge, and the fact that the sources of such knowledge are highly dispersed. As a result, We cook occasionally, carelessly and unconsciously. We eat processed foods made of low-quality ingredients, often in random places and in a rush because cooking today requires a lot of effort. This impacts our health and leads people to “lifestyle diseases”.
Most of the people are convinced that they can’t cook.
Smartcook changes that condition. Apart from being the most advanced diet planner, the world's largest cookbook, the cooking lessons, the step by step video recipes, the scale and the worktop, Smartcook is also an original algorithm providing culinary content based on mimicry – the primary and most effective type of learning which has been neglected in the art of cooking. Mimicry used in Smartcook device allows to efficient and effortless learning through imitation.
We believe that our inventions and joint cooperation are substantially improving the way people organize their lifestyle to be more healthy, thus cheaper for healthcare system and society. Measuring and monitoring by Smartcook cloud the quality of air, quality and quantity of food eaten, monitoring heart work, blood condition, lifestyle. Based on this data, we are able to define appropriate diets to lower the risk of civilization illnesses like diabetes, artery hypertension or too high cholesterol.


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