Housing afordable and accesible for all

SOLACE is a company that aims to change the housing market through the use of the latest technology to rationalize housing.
Our first product is a SOLACE house. It is a year-round, sturdy house that produces more energy than it consumes, is environmentally sustainable and all its components are delivered to the owner in one container.

According to the “State of Housing in the EU 2015”, there are not enough affordable homes available in European countries to meet the increasing demand. Moreover, according to Matthew Rognlie (MIT) studies, housing is one of the main sources of inequality. Over 15% of Europeans live in a housing overburden, having no chance to escape from the poverty trap. There is a burning need to create a new innovative approach that will change the way of financing the lives of those who cannot afford decent conditions. This approach is SOLACE.

The aim of our company is to give Europeans the opportunity to have their first own house that will enable those in need to escape the poverty trap. It is a system of delivery of Basic and Sustainable Housing that generates income for owners and stimulates local economies in poor European regions. Energy needs are met by means of renewable energy which is generated by solar panels. Energy surplus is sold to the grid thus generating income for the owner. All building elements are transported in one container to the final location, which makes it effortless and efficient in terms of energy. The prefabricated house can be assembled within 72 hours. It's the cheapest European high-quality house priced at 25.000 €, emissionless, carbon neutral, energy positive and self-sufficient while being 80% recyclable.

With those features, we believe we can effectively change the lives of poor Europeans freeing them from housing overburden in the regions where no commercial investors want to operate. Piotr Pokorski, the project leader, developed and built the first “modular house” in 2013. He also acquired the Polish right to the industrial design of a modular house and become the legal owner of the concept. SOLACE's ambition is to put this concept into life by creating a technological company that focuses on creating and implementing innovative solutions in the housing sector, where they haven’t yet been accessible. We want to rethink house production and construction while enabling people to live in a sustainable and mindful way.


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