A smart way to keep your child’s health in check

Coughing, a runny nose, a fever… Should you call the doctor immediately? Or should you wait a while and see? StethoMe™ quickly dispels these doubts. Examine your child without leaving your home and send the results to your doctor, who then decides what to do next. StethoMe™ is the first medical diagnostic device of its kind – one that monitors the respiratory system and measures body temperature in a precise but user-friendly way.
You examine. StethoMe™ analyses. The doctor makes the call.

StethoMe™ is the world’s first wireless electronic stethoscope cooperating with a smartphone, featuring a built-in thermometer and an intelligent sound analysis system.

Our achievements:
Polish Intelligent Development Award, nomination, 2017
Bringing tech&science closer to people, finalists, 2017
Philips Innovation Challenge - Champion Award, 2016
Best Startup, Innovation AD - TOP 20, 2016
MIT Enterprise Forum Acceleration Program - certificate, 2016
Nokia Innovation Challenge - semi-finalists, 2016

The StethoMe™ project could come into existence thanks to collaboration of a group of scientists, physicians, acousticians, informaticians, designers and businessmen. It has already obtained the trust of investors - SpeedUp Group and - thanks to whom, since January 2016, the company has been able to put its vision into practice.

StethoMe™ is implementing a project co-financed using support from the European Regional Development Fund. Priority axis: Support for execution of R+D works by enterprises; activity: R+D projects of enterprises, subactivity: Industrial research and development works executed by enterprises.


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