You make what you mesure

Controlling your bar's alcohol stocks is a long and complicated process, that requires a precision and diligence from stuff.

Now this processes can be automated and simplified. With the use of our software platform, managing your stuff and your stocks takes less time and effort.

The most important asset of every person is time. Limited, always in deficit and theoretically impossible to obtain. But would you be willing to get some of it back? The STKTK platform can do just that for you and your employees starting at 59 euros per month.

How it`s possible? Innovative technologies make it much easier to run a business. By using our system you will be able to take inventory of your bar, assign tasks to employees, monitor work progress and keep a digital record of your warehouse documentation.

Our platform is built using four technologies: a mobile and web application, a cloud-based database, and an electronic wireless scale with a Bluetooth module. Thanks to this solution, the use of our platform is possible always and everywhere. From this day on you can work with maximum efficiency, wherever you are, is it at home or on the go.

The basic function of the system is to quickly and accurately measure the content of a bottle based on its weight. It is possible thanks to our Bluetooth scale paired with the mobile application. All management activities such as data analysis, employee management, document generation and reporting are performed in a web application.