A full-stack payment solution

Straal is the global provider of solutions that transform the world of commerce through seamless, secure payments in all channels. Easy-to-integrate, programmer-friendly, outstandingly powerful.

By offering a variety of payment methods and supported currencies, combining a truly merchant-centric approach to business with superb operational capabilities, and continuously evolving in the spirit of perfectionism, the company helps future-minded companies make the most of the borderless digital world.

Thanks to Straal solutions, merchants can:
– accept cards of all major organizations (one-off, recurring and one-click transactions),
– accept SEPA Direct Debit transfers,
– create and easily manage subscription plans,
– optimize their business performance (i.e. through Straal Smart Retry Logic which minimizes the risk of transaction denial due to insufficient funds by selecting the right moment to charge each subscriber’s card in each billing period to maximize the probability of transaction approval),
– monitor and understand their business’ condition (powerful, yet easy-to-use management panel and reporting system),
– effectively protect their bottom line against payment fraud,
– ensure a truly seamless shopping experience in all channels (RESTful APIs, developer-friendly SDKs).

Straal was founded in 2015 by a group of experienced developers, data scientists and security specialists with rich merchant-background. The company aims to become an everything-payments one-stop-shop for merchants, regardless of their radius of operations, diversity of target groups or development dynamics.