Sybilla Technologies


Become explorer and discover the Universe above.

Sybilla Technologies is a company dedicated to providing solutions for robotic telescopes and networks of robotic telescopes. Relying on that we build products for stellar observations, asteroid searches and Earth satellites' monitoring.

We provide high-quality solutions for robotic telescopes and networks of robotic telescopes. Relying on that we create value in monitoring and securing Earth satellites, measuring positions and analyzing Solar System asteroids and in scientific projects from extrasolar planet characterizations, requiring precise, long-lasting observational campaigns to gravitational wave detection follow-ups which enforce quick setting up of network of telescopes to address incoming gravitational wave location alerts and adjusting the network to observe simultaneously a huge swath of the sky.

We provide these capabilities with Abot – Astronomical Robot, an end-to-end, modular and extensible platform for robotizing and networking optical telescopes. Abot can be set up dedicated on-premises or available as-a-Service which allows for Continuous Delivery in terms of functionality amendments.

Sybilla Technologies’ employees are highly qualified and experienced in the designing and deployment of dedicated observational telescopes tailored for our clients’ needs. Currently Sybilla Technologies operates 8 fully robotic telescopes on 4 continents. We not only robotize the telescopes but also bring expertise in terms of hardware and sensors quality, securing the assets and overall deployment logistics creating a complete-solution in the domain of robotic telescopes.

We work closely with astronomical equipment manufacturers to assert quality for our products, continuously test and widen our expertise working in contracts under auspices of European Space Agency and explore new research areas to give even more possibilities to our clients.

Our clients, such as Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestial Physics, Open University or projects MeerLICH and BlackGEM have chosen us because of our expertise, secure and uninterruptible operation of the telescopes, continuous support and adapting to the new, ambitious aims that are constantly pushing the envelope.



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