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Bringing online & offline together

Synerise is the Revenue Performance Management Ecosystem with Marketing Intelligence/Automation. It enables to communicate with clients in more effective way and through different channels. Furthermore it helps to prepare better online and offline campaigns, create customer journey and loyalty programs.

Synerise is a comprehensive omnichannel platform, which will make marketing automation solutions more complex and efficient. The platform works with data from online and offline clients traffic, because of that, all the conclusions are accurate and show the actual state of company's marketing and sales activities.

Synerise consists of few modules:
CRM – to manage clients’ database,
TASK – to coordinate projects and team work,
Campaign - to manage all marketing campaigns (Email, SMS, PUSH, Beacon),
Automation – to create and monitor clients’ journey,
Insights - to find out many interesting statistics of marketing campaigns and sale results,
Analytics - to get overall data from online and offline sources.