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Engage your audience by turning their smartphones into microphones.
Polls, text comments, surveys & audio feedback.
All in real-time using a browser.

Existing Problem
During a typical event Q&A session, the audience gets the chance to ask questions by either shouting or using a microphone, which is set up in an aisle or handed to them. This causes logistical and aesthetic problems. If people shout, then the speaker needs to repeat the question for the rest of the audience. If people need to leave their seat and wait in line to use a microphone, many people choose to not engage because of the inconvenience. If a microphone is passed to people sitting in the audience, precious time is wasted.

Our Solution
Tap to Speak solves all of these problems by offering a simple, elegant alternative to old-fashioned Q&A methods. Tap to Speak is an app that allows audiences to use their own smartphones as a microphone. This way people can be heard clearly, people will be more willing to engage the speaker from the comfort of their own seat, and time will not be wasted.

Tap to Speak also includes additional benefits including providing the ability for the speaker or event manager to select audience questions based on their merit, the ability for the audience to text in comments that can be displayed on screen, and the ability for the audience to easily participate in live surveys or vote.

Easy Implementation
Tap to Speak is easy to use. All you need is a mobile device (or a computer) to manage the event, an audio cable to connect it to the event location’s sound board, and a Tap to Speak account. When you set up an event in our browser-based application, a unique short URL is generated that can be displayed on a projection screen or in a bulletin at your event. Audience members can enter the URL into their smartphone and will be directed to your live event webpage where they can enter their name, question, and wait until it is their turn to speak. They can also text a comment, participate in surveys, or vote directly from this same webpage.

Tap to Speak is the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective product on the market. Maximise your next event’s audience engagement by using Tap to Speak. To sign up for an account, visit taptospeak.com/register.

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