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TellVet Company – Veterinary Telemedicine Center, created the first integrated veterinary telemedicine system in the world called TellVet which relies on modern technology such as mobile telephony, Internet and cloud storage. The technology has been tested positively in real conditions. TellVet System provides easy and quick access for veterinarians to leading specialists in various fields of veterinary medicine. The system offers support over 50 experts representing about 68 areas of veterinary and almost all species of animals via:
• mobile application for Android, Windows and iOS,
• web service
• Klinika XP – the most popular desktop program in Polish veterinary clinics.

TellVet is a response the needs of our times and expectations of veterinarians. TellVet is a consultation platform providing easy and quick access for veterinarians to leading specialists in various fields of veterinary medicine. The system offers support of more than 50 experts representing almost all animal species such as dogs and cats, exotic animals, wild animals or farm animals. TellVet assists veterinarians in making the correct diagnosis, choosing the right treatment protocol and avoiding medical errors. TellVet System allows veterinarians to consult difficult clinical cases and provides fast, professional and effective help of patients, in an attractive and simple form. One of the key elements of the TellVet system is a mobile application. Using TellVet application users can take photographs of diagnostic materials (e.g. skin changes, results of laboratory tests, ECG results) with their mobile phones, make video recordings (e.g. animal behavior, USG sequences) and forward the material with a description to a selected expert at the Veterinary Telemedicine Center.
TellVet is a very useful tool for every veterinary practitioner. It is integrated with the Klinika XP program, the most popular application in Polish veterinary clinics. The photographs and videos recorded with the use of the TellVet system can be forwarded via the Internet to the patient's medical history files or to specialists for consultation. The success of a consultation is determined by the volume of patient information available to the expert. TellVet significantly facilitates the transmission of photographs and videos via its mobile application, and it can be used to send even very large medical history files from the Klinika XP program to experts. TellVet specialists have access to referrals anywhere from any device with Internet access based on the cloud storage technology. The materials that are most frequently forwarded for expert consultation include X-ray, MRI and CT scans, electrocardiograms, photographed results of laboratory tests, photographs of skin changes and autopsies, and questions regarding difficult or unusual clinical cases.


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