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Future usefull socialmedia

About the project - a useful social networking site.
Together intends to have three strictly dependent products:
1. Designed for users no fake news objective recognizable information presentation system.
2. For users of non-cash transactions (accrual, creation of achivements) the possibility of immediate transfer and withdrawal of funds.
3. For business entities a new customer retention / acquisition method, important marketing data to assist in presenting the right product for the selected customer.

Why do I think Together can become unicorn.
1. The service is expected to attract a large number of users thanks to discounts offered, verified information using a friendly, socially open and useful image.
2. Together will acquire the number (x) of companies that can join the site in 10 minutes and receive a new form of promotion, customer acquisition, and marketing information to better promote the people who buy more.
3. In the future, the service will immediately send the transaction tax to the state account.

To get users outside of social networking services, we offer discounts on non-cash transactions and instant access to funds along with their transfer to get those discounts we offer to the company to acquire and maintain the customer to offer nofake news / troll we must have active users.

Access to balance and right:
The project is in line with international flow law, international money laundering law and the European Union PSD2 directive.

Safest access to balance.

I used to be a bank employee and noticed one element that made the idea of ​​Together - namely, each bank provides the possibility of immediate transfer, but counts for that commission, the amount in each Polish bank is between 3 and 13 PLN for instant transfer (usually 5 zloty) .

Together can streamline this process while downloading about 10 to 30 cents, which will be transferred to the maintenance site (or a penny added to the deposit, then free transfers).

Without creating a crypto currency, which value is set, but creating a counterpart of the currency having the same rate as the currency in fact having its cover in the deposited funds in the bank.
Edolar, Eeuro, EPLN, efunt.
After starting, the service is obliged to present financial settlements to the institutions responsible for such operation.

Create something new, not just a social networking site where people can communicate, inform, but also receive verified information immediately, transfer money to another balance, or withdraw funds while receiving material benefits.

Together is not going to do anything, the main action is streamlining.

The planned annual revenue after one year, three years after startup is half of current annual Facebook profits - a monthly fee from businesses up to $ 10 plus additional marketing campaigns and other additional services.
The main target of a person aged 16-40.
When analyzing the needs, 90% of people aged 15-30 who would like to be the owner of such a service, 75% for business owners.
Feedback very good.

Need true news:
Key politicians, world Donald Trump and Polish Andrzej Duda, Beata Szydlo have repeatedly pointed to fake news, fake news was also the main topic in the last cybersec.

This is a brief description of the project - I have initial visualizations of the application and pages, advanced description, business plan along with business analysis, I expect financial support in exchange for profit from the shares.

Stage: The project is in the seed stage. Starting from half a million to three million PLN, depending on the time of project implementation and the region of the service.


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