Automated invoicing in the B2B sector.

Tos is a system for sending e-invoices. Seller after completing the invoice form click "Issue" and the invoice will be issued and sent to the customer. Without printing paper invoices or sending a pdf file by email.

Tos is a system for sending e-invoices between the issuer and the recipient (B2B, B2C). Invoices are available in tos for the issuer and the recipient already after 2 seconds from the transaction. It will be sufficient to give NIP (taxpayer identification number) and the issuer can free of charge send e-invoices to one's customers accounts in tos. This is a very quick and easy way to deliver invoices without having to print or generate a pdf file and send it by email.
Invoices are automatically saved in Revenue and Expense Ledger and VAT registers, both at the issuer and the recipient. After approval, the invoice can be exported to other FK system, or it will be automatically saved in Revenue and Expense Ledger and register of tax VAT which are tos' modules.
Tos has API which will enable integration with other FK systems or ERP. It is possible to export / import invoices to / from the most popular FK systems.
Smaller companies will find in tos everything for keeping the books: possibility of issuing invoices, running of Revenue and Expense Ledger and registers of VAT, JPK and other accounting functionalities. In addition, you can create database of contractors, reports and use the database of legal acts.
We solve a few problems:
1. Paper purchase and printout costs.
2. There is no need to send or scan invoices and to send them to accounts department. We eliminate problem of lost invoices.
3. There is no need for accounts department to type in invoices into accounts system.
4. We solve problem of invoices archiving.
5. There is no need to send invoices via e-mail. Therefore we eliminate risk of receiving false and virus infected email attachments.
Our business model assumes that the payer for the service will be the recipient of the invoice, and the fee is charged when the invoice is received. Using other system features such as issuing and simultaneously sending invoices, exporting or importing invoices, using a database of contractors, reporting and simplified accounting, VAT registers and 5 year archiving invoices is completely free.
We are the first company on the market which such universal service. We are central placed hub which allows invoices to be send and received in all directions. With tos system every customer has his all invoices in one place and they are 24/7 accessible.



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