Indoor Navigation, Asset Management, Personnel Tracking, Shipment Monitoring

TrackSignal it's a project allowing to track any object in building premises in real-time. The main functionalities are Asset Proximity List, Asset Real-time Position, Personnel Proximity List, Personnel Real-time Position and Shipment Real-Time Tracking.

Asset proximity list gives you a fresh view over your asset positions. You can enlist all your items, sort it by proximity distance and current location or search through it when you are interested in certain device.

Using asset real-time position monitoring you are able to see on the building map where certain item has been seconds ago with accuracy of few meters. The accuracy of item positioning depends on specific factors like how many gateways there are mounted in the building (the more the better results) and if there is a magnetometer built-in to the sensor. Our system can use either a proximity distance or a building-specific magnetic field fingerprinting to compute quite accurate position of object. Positioning system is supported by Artificial Intelligence algorithms which can break ties in the case when there are some interferences or mangles in physical measurements.

Using Personnel Proximity List you can see on the list who is close to you. Additionally you are able to search through this list and take some hints how to reach certain person. This is very useful feature especially for any kind of conferences, company meetings and indoor events.

Similarly to Asset Real-Time Positioning you can take a real-time view of your personnel's position in the building. Moreover, you can use our API and run some actions in response to events generated by our system like for example - there is a first person in the room so you can turn on lights etc.

Shipment Real-Time tracking combines popular GPS tracking and sensor monitoring. Using GPS gateway mounted inside container or lorry and beacons equipped with sensors mounted on specific packages you can monitor shipment conditions and global position of your packages in real-time. Our beacons have got mounted many useful sensors like temperature sensor, motion sensor, humidity or air pressure with persistent memory. During shipment unloading or other circumstances when it is not possible to read measurements in real-time you are assured that all values will be available in the future when the beacon will appear near some gateway.

Who is this solution for? Our solution is a great option for those who are interested in using reliable and accurate software to track assets, personnel and things. The following are great use cases you can expect and make use of it.

* Indoor: Real-time asset and personnel position tracking
* Smart office: Real-time meeting rooms occupancy monitoring
* Smart office: Real-time detection of door opening using magnetometer and accelerometer sensors
* Smart office: Triggering external actions after the room has been entered/exited (ex. turning lights on/off, turning the projector on/off)
* Marketing: Real-time shopping trolleys and carts position tracking
* Healthcare: Medical resource management and tracking
* Healthcare: Medical resource operation conditions monitoring using temperature and motion sensors
* IT: Real-time datacenter temperature monitoring using as many temperature sensors as you need
* Supplies: Real-time monitoring of manufacturing conditions using temperature, humidity and motion sensors (great for bakeries, dairies, pastry shops)
* Logistics: Real-time global shipment tracking - track location and shipment conditions of individual packages independently
* Logistics: Real-time global shipment tracking - track location and shipment conditions of individual packages independently
* Logistics: Real-time shipment conditions monitoring - vibrations and temperature analysis


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