Find, rate and Train It

Portal this place is not only for people living sport and for sport, but for all those who appreciate an active life.

On the one hand, the portal is a place where every club or the coach can set up your profile. Present scope of activities, achievements, photo galleries and videos from YouTube, and pricing and schedule of classes. On the other hand, it is a search engine through which users will find for themselves a place where they can train.
What distinguishes a clear presentation of the full cross-section of sports and activities, along with their descriptions and contact information for businesses, clubs, personal trainers. We also have a knowledge base, which brings all the issues related to the wider physical activity. There you can find information about courses, training camps and sporting events. The biggest strength of the portal is very extensive list of sports and activities available in Poland. We enable our users to assess and leave reviews for their familiar club / trainer and a place to exercise.
The benefit for the customer portal is to increase the visibility of the network, promote your business and thus increase revenue. For the user portal - fast and easy-to-use search engine training near your area


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