Imagination is the only limit!

We are a manufacturer of innovative solutions that connect hardware, software and mobile technologies. Our products improve your surrounding reality by giving you a higher level of control, safety and convenience.
We create unique devices that use top-class sensors, powered by mobile applications.

TurboEgg is a Krakow based company with a mission to seek to create and promote a strong Polish brand and improve daily life quality by taking it on a higher level of control, safety and convenience with our own innovative IoT devices.
The aim of our business is to create, develop and educate a community using products based on our technology. For this purpose, we cooperate with the producers of electrical and electronic equipment. Together we offer the innovation to use in the everyday life.
TurboEgg created the Internet Platform, based on Bluetooth® Smart Technology with an open protocol which enables users to control any devices connected to our Ecosystem.

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