Use bike is a comprehensive service in the form of long-term rental fleets of bicycles.

The bike is the easiest and most natural means of transport.
Every day, millions of Poles commute it to work, or to university.
Leading companies around the world increasingly recognize the tangible benefits of their social commitment.
use bike offers a comprehensive service - for business, offices and other public institutions - in the form of a long-term lease fleets of bicycles.
As part of the service we provide all the technical support and logistics as well as insurance and fleet management system.

Our proposal is an additional benefit in the form of a secure bicycle, which employees can use not only in the performance of official duties.
The most demanding partners, we offer the ability to personalize their fleet.
With our products, employers have a direct impact on improving air quality and reducing noise in the city - but most of all - to improve the quality of life of its employees! There is nothing better than a dose of endorphins before challenging.
Cycling is primarily a pleasure! We want to give this pleasure to the greatest number of people.
use bike - it's natural.

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