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VIRTHU - AI powered Digital Employees for next generation Customer Experiences.

Virthu delivers Virtual Humans - digital avatars driven by AI, dedicated for customer service. We give the chatbots human face and voice.

Virthu was founded in 2016 with a mission of creating truly immersive Virtual Humans. During first two years we focused on internal skill development and market research. We implemented this plan by providing virtual humans as digital hosts on corporate events and virtual actors in theaters. We also provided innovative tool for social media marketing - virtual masquote - real-time video content creator, which let you easily create high quality 3d video animations featuring corporate Brand Hero. We were rewarded for this concept multiple times. Thanks to the 1st award in Polish Marketing Agencies Association startup competition we were representing Poland in Cannes Lions Creative Festival in France.

Our current experience and technological understanding helped us find very promising niche: Virtual Assistants dedicated for customer service. You can think about it as the future of chatbots, voicebots and other implementation of conversational AI: We give chatbots human face and voice.

The ultimate interface for any software has the human face and voice, is able to hear and see you and can even understand your intentions. This is where we are heading for.


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