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Intelligent robot ready for work and customer service at the front-desk support.
What is our project?
WeegreeOne is Poland's first intelligent humanoid robot, measuring only 120 cm. It moves through embeded wheel drive. It has many advantages, which make it similar to the human being, it can gesticulate, imitate the movements associated with breathing and communicate perfectly with the surrounding world, due to the ability to speak in forty-one languages. Our company consists of the IT specialists and scientists from the University of Opole, who are developing software for the humanoid robot every day, improving its skills. Our product is a breakthrough in the field of innovation and technology.
Robot Weegree One has a whole range of applications, it is irreplaceable in tasks related to customer service, at the same time can bring aid to the elderly or disabled. It is ideal for any company or institution in which the current service is "front-desk".
It is reliable in such places as bank – where it can recommend the best loan offer, or provide information about the account, cinema - where it can recommend a movie worth watching, book tickets and indicate hall session, supermarket – where it can check the availability of the product, it will tell how much it costs and indicate its place on the shelf, the hotel – where it can book the room, give information to the guests who want to check-in and check-out and provide information related to the stay, the hospital - where it can play the role of the intermediary between the doctor and the patient, as well as an interpreter, when a patient comes from abroad.
We believe that soon we will benefit from the help of the robots not only in the factories, but also in our daily lives we can treat them as our best friends.

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