Whisbear® Szumiący Miś / Whisbear® The Humming Bear


Created by Mothers. Recommended by Parents. Tested by Babies. With Love.

Whisbear was created by two sisters! The sleepless nights they experienced as mums of newborns inspired them to develop a soft, safe and intelligent toy that emits a soothing, shushing sound. Whisbear the Humming Bear first launched in September 2014, won several international awards, and is already helping babies around the globe.

Shushing is a natural acoustic environment for newborns. For nine months in the mother’s womb, shushing is what babies hear most of the time. Silence experienced after birth is something new, something infants must yet get used to. The pink noise locked in Whisbear’s heart reminds babies of the prenatal period. They feel safer, settle down easier and - as a result – falls asleep faster.

Falling asleep quicker, extending sleep periods, gentle transition from pre- to postnatal life, establishing nightime routine

CRYsensor function responds automatically when baby starts crying. Safety confirmed by independent tests. Positive opinions of paediatricians, midwives, sleep experts and maternity nurses. 

Warsaw-London Bridge HealthTech Award 2017 - given by the British Embassy and the Duchess of Cambridge;
Kind+Jugend Innovation Award 2016;
Kids' Time Star 2016 - gold;
Love By Parents 2017 - gold (UK);
Project Baby Awards 2016 - gold & silver (UK);
Independent Toy Awards 2016 - bronze (UK);
and many more...


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