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Zakład is a collective project aiming at technical, intellectual and productive activities. Makerspace, coworking, hackerspace, fablab...

Zakład a collective project aiming at technical, intellectual and productive activities, in other words, a new space on the alternative map of Poznań!
We felt a crave for self-sufficiency and self-education, as well as for the cooperation with people filled with passion for their work. There are so many of us, spread around the city, hidden in our small apartments. We lack appropriate equipment or a person who we can talk our idea over.

Zakład is a post-industrial space, which provides great opportunities, creates the atmosphere of work and fosters creativity. Our aim is to gather in one place you, your passions and… our equipment! There is a bike workshop, a graphic workshop, a carpenter workshop, a tailor workshop… and whichever you prefer. Stop sitting passively at home! Come over and bounce your ideas off us.
This space is not only for people with manual skills.

Zakład Twórczości Umysłowej is an ideal working space for freelancers, journalists, programmers and artists. We guarantee a positive work environment away from corporate’s partitions. While working, you’ll be able to have a fresh coffee, tea and cold drinks. On evenings we will watch good alternative movies or listen to inspiring music and people, our mentors who will stimulate our creativity.

Zakład is THE place!


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