a smart ball for smart dog owners

Bringy was created to tighten bonds between men and dogs. The ball and its dedicated app are perfect for fetch games, improving dog’s skills, measuring its progress and breaking speed or high jump records. But most of all, thanks to a built-in sensor and multiple alerts, Bringy enables following your dogs’ needs.
With this innovative and durable pet gadget you can adjust trainings to your preferences, as well as make sure a pupil gets enough exercise to be happy and in good shape. The technology is also used as a professional motion tracker for tennis players. With Bringy dogs play fetch like pros! More:

Bringy ball and its dedicated app have been designed for conscious, tech-savvy dog owners who want to understand their dogs better. The solution enables monitoring dog’s activity, as well as adjusting walks to the owner’s schedules and the dog’s needs. Bringy takes ball games with dogs to a whole new level by using the same technology as in professional motion trackers for tennis players.
A shock-proof sensor hidden in this bouncy ball precisely tracks its moves. Thanks to that, Bringy measures and monitors e.g. the distance a dog has run to chase and retrieve, and how high he has jumped to catch the ball. High sampling rate of the sensor makes it accurate and reliable. Data collected during fetch games is processed by advanced algorithms which modify upcoming trainings and walks according to dog’s current capabilities.
Bringy can be controlled with an intuitive mobile app. Not only can you analyze your dog’s results and receive multiple alerts, but also with just a few clicks on your smartphone you can make it glow in the dark. The ball is durable and made of medical-quality materials to be chew-friendly and safe. Its weight enables building up your dog’s muscles and spine. Additionally, Bringy can be easily found, thanks to a beeping signal turned on with the app. The battery inside the ball will last for about 45 hours of playing and can be recharged.
All dogs love spending time outdoors with their owners, and ball games are the best choice for fresh air activities. Being a dog lover and a fan of useful gadgets, I came up with the idea of using advanced sensors and algorithms to understand dogs better. Games we deliver engage both brains and muscles of pupils, so Bringy ball and application are great for safe and balanced improvement of dog’s skills. Bringy was designed as a smart connection between people and their pets - with our technology you can become your dog’s best friend - explains Piotr Jasiński, the founder of Bringy.


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