Easy and fast car rentals for short trips in city. Easier, faster, cheaper than taxi or public transportation. One click in Your phone app and car is unlocked. Simple as that. No documents, no agreements or other difficult procedures. Technologies can now make it simplier: if You can use internet banking, for sure You can rent a car with smartphone as well. All that is needed is connection of user's bank account and his drivers license. Since this is app for quick city trips, the rental cost is being counted in real time by the same app, untill the car is locked again.

For the whole system to work there are two ways: one is difficult but cheap, the other one is expensive but easy. The difficult but cheap way would be to make a platform, where everybody could rent their car by system described above. You Click a button that your car is uo for rentall with gps location added up to it. The client, if your car, place of car, and it's cost per minute suits him, reserves your car, for certain amount of time, and takes it. The safety is as mentioned: bank account and drivers license authorisation from both sides.
The more expensive, yet more profitable way would require huge investment: our company should own cars, that are being rent. It would be a handful of specific cars, riding in city, having specific parking lots, where you can take them or leave them. As mentioned before, You would just come near the car you want to rent, choose it in app in your smartphone and unlock it. From the moment car is unlocked, you get in, start the engine, and go where your destination is. For this to work, parking lots for theese cars should be held in strategicaly convenient places. After Your trip just get out from the vehicle, press buton in app again. The car is locked from that moment, You see the price for the trip, which you can pay instantly or later.
For maximum comfort of people travelling both: the cheap and expensive should work and be realised. This would change the whole culture of traveling in the city and the way You think about it.


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