We make smart platform with tools for sales, marketing, and support for growing small business.

Invensio a unique smart platform for business development, simplifying work and sales growth for small and medium-sized companies.

We offer – Powerful SME’s - clients communication.

We help small business owners to reduce the entire huge bunch of administrative routine to the size of a phone. With a service our platform provides business can access their clients and get money earned in no time. The main idea is to make our communication program to sparing workers from administrative hustle.

Our distinctive features are quite evident.
Unlike our competitors how devise business processes we offer optimized communication tools that have the number of advantages:
1/we provide a well-designed initial communication instrument tailored to particular needs of businesses.
2/we ensure clients informational follow-up by way of extending – adding or amending – the communication tool.
3/small businesses can offer their services to a lot of potential customers, increasing their number and the money they can earn in no time.
4/we take good care of our clients’ and their contacts communication privacy.
5/to implement our idea we are developing the voip, crm server software and android application.
6/we are working at technology in the cloud and its application.

We make smart platform with tools for sales, marketing, and support for growing small business.
Problems small companies that we solve:
 participation of intermediaries makes orders more expensive
 it’s hard to communicate with customers – to build meaningful relationships, loyal, profitable customers, to reach organic growth
 bad business processes - lost documents, invoices, customer offers, poor management customer database
 poor customer interaction with the performers

Our solutions
 allow the customer to find the performers and communicate without intermediaries;
 make it easy to communicate with customers via voip, website, chat at our applications, like with big corporate company.
 automate business processes - no more lost orders.
 allow all participants to control performance order.
Invensio integrates all participants in the sales process: customers, performers, suppliers – all in one working network for a speedy interaction. Our platform Invensio is very flexible. It can be configured to the needs of any business in which communicate with customers via phone, chat and other internet links.



100 000 - 250 000 $