Untitled Kingdom

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Software Development Studio Mobile | Web | IOT

Crafting apps for startups since 2008

Untitled Kingdom is a butique Software Studio placed in the heart of European Union. Since 2008, we are crafting high-quality custom apps for mobile, web and IoT. With our complementary approach to product development, we're growing ideas from their seed till the day of AppStore launch.

Untitled Kingdom's team gathers highly-qualified professionals, hence no work is outsourced.
Together with our clients, the team tailors the final shape of our products, keeping a watchful eye on:

• Mobile development
Native, clearly documented and smooth apps for both iOS and Android, constructed according to the best practices for each of the platforms.

User engaging, pixel-perfect design adjusted to the new tiny Apple iWatch as well as to 50” television with AppleTV.

• Server development
Fully customisable, cloud-based solutions, tailored to scale, powered by Ruby on Rails Framework.

• IoT Support
Support for smart watches, portable printers, e-card readers, hand scanners, mPOS, beacons, drones and basically any other device you wish to pair with your app.


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