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One of the main pillars of Startup Poland's activities as a think tank which represents the voice of Polish startups, is public policy. At first glance the legislation that is created whether in Warsaw or Brussels does not affect startups, but unfortunately, after a closer look at the proposals for changes in legislation, it turns out that there may be further barriers or the need for additional obligations that no one considered when setting up startup (or investing in one). That's why we are trying to highlight important issues for the EU’s digital ecosystem, which is why we are presenting this report on net neutrality and its impact on startups.

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    Polish Startups 2022

    It is time for another instalment of the "Polish Startups" report, which is a kind of summary of the passing year in terms of the condition of the Polish startup ecosystem. This year's - already the eighth - edition is another one which is being created at the time of crisis, or rather, several crises occurring simultaneously. Unfortunately, while the pandemic was an impulse for faster development of the startup sector, the current crises have or may have a negative impact on the mood of young technology companies. What does the future hold for Polish startups? What can be done to keep them growing? The "Polish Startups" report with conclusions and recommendations on the subject can be downloaded for free from our website as a PDF.

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