Duże koło

For the sixth time, Startup Day was organised at Roche Poland. The objective of the event is to provide a collaboration platform with start-ups in order to tackle our business challenges.


The meeting invited:
Data Lake

This is an extraordinary opportunity to work with startups to solve our business and technological challenges. Roche set very specific tasks for Startup Day participants. The agenda ranged from presentations of solutions developed by startups to in-depth discussions.

“We would like to speed up digitalization of the healthcare, because it’s something that will help patients all around the world. It will help with the Diagnostics and patient access to the most Innovative medicines. So that’s our main priority. That’s why we are so interested in collaborating with startups” – says Paweł Pyszlak, Global Leader at Roche Informatics.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the discussions will continue and result in successful collaborations in the future.