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We would like to invite you to the “All eyes on Poland”. The aim of the event is to present the results of Startup Poland report 2023, discuss what are the strengths of the local startup ecosystem and what could attract investors, as well as consider if Poland could become the European AI hub.

This time we will present the results of our annual survey to people from outside Poland interested in the Polish market, as well as to members of the European startup ecosystem and our sister organisations from other countries.
Our event also aims to promote Polish entrepreneurs (startups, scaleups) and their solutions abroad, as well as to interest foreign investors in the Polish market.

We are planning to discuss several issues: 

  • What kind of startups are in Poland? 
  • What Polish startups do best? 
  • What branches seem to be the strongest? 
  • What solutions and products should foreign investors pay attention to?
  • Why is AI so popular in Poland?
  • How to ethically develop and implement AI?
  • Could Poland become the European AI hub?

The event is hosted by Google for Startups.

You will be able to watch the meeting online. The link to the stream you will find HERE.


Agenda (10:00 – 13:00): 

  • Presentation of the report data – state of Polish startups’ ecosystem


  • Panel I: Why is Poland to be focused on? 

What do Polish companies do best? What are we proud of? What attracts investors? 

Michał Kramarz, Google For Startups
Michał Miszułowicz, BNP Paribas
Konrad Ozdowy, PKO BP
Tomasz Snażyk, FSP – Moderator

  • Panel II: AI from Poland 

Ethics in AI (How to ethically develop and implement AI? What are essential aspects to carry out ethical uses and developments of AI systems)

Developing AI business in Poland – how to do it best? What are the obstacles?

Could Poland become the European AI hub?

Tomasz Grzegory, Google
Dominik Gos, Inwedo
Marcin Ludwiszewski, 1strike
Marta Pawlak – Moderator


You can download “Polish startups 2023” report HERE.

Host of the event: